I would love to do a Boudoir Shoot, but I don't want to have my pictures displayed online. How does that work?

No worries! Your boudoir pictures are just for you and your partner. I respect your privacy and will not display your images anywhere if you don't want that. The ladies you see on my website gave me their consent and wanted their pictures displayed. 

I don't feel 100% confident in my body and would rather wait until I lost a few pounds until I book a session with you. Do you think that's a good idea?

Honestly, I don't think you should wait. I even wrote a Blog post about why I think women are beautiful at every stage in life. You can read the article here. There are so many different facets to boudoir photography, from glamorous, to romantic and flirty and sensual, that there is a way to flatter EVERY body. You will feel comfortable once you take the first step, I am convinced of that.

I want to do a boudoir shoot, but I am rather conservative and prefer to keep my robe on. Is that okay?

Absolutely. One of my favorite boudoir sessions ever was photographed in a pink silk robe, with pearls around her neck, sitting on the bed like a queen, standing in front of the window, gazing out like she was looking for her love to come home. I encourage you to stay open-mined, you might find enjoying yourself so much, that you decide to show a little more than planned. But regardless how you decide, we will only photograph what is in your comfort zone. 

I feel very pale and am thinking about getting a spray tan before my session with you. What do you think?

Please don't! Spray tans, even light ones, photograph always orange-ish and it is a lot of work to color correct that later and get that dreamy-creamy skin tones you and I love so much. I actually talk about that and much more in this Blogpost

I am intrigued by the idea of a boudoir shoot, but have so many questions. Can you help me?

Of course! Some questions like how to prepare for a boudoir session, outfit choices and if the boudoir session is even for you, might already be answered in one of my boudoir blogs. If you can't find the answers you are looking for, please don't hesitate to send me a message!

I read in some of your reviews that your husband Brant was on the set during the shoot. I am not comfortable with that!

Okay, then he won't in the studio with us. Brant has a full-time job and is generally not available for any shoots Monday through Friday. During sessions I book on the weekends he is usually around and helps with lighting set-up, carries stuff around for me, lends a second pair of eyes for stuff that might distract in the background, gives posing advice, takes behind the scenes and making-off pictures and is the biggest comedian on set. On top of all of that he is actually a talented photographer himself! I never had a women regretting having him around on set, because he truly enriches the experience and is absolutely professional. However, If you are not comfortable with him being around, please let me know and I will respect your wish 100%. 

Can I bring a friend to my boudoir session?

Yes! You can bring one girl-friend into the studio. Please let me know that you are bringing her at least a day before the shoot. Also, please choose a friend that you are okay with seeing you in lingerie or less and that she is loving and supporting!

Where is my boudoir session going to take place?

Most of my boudoir sessions take place in my residential photography studio. In my studio I offer different backdrops and the milk-bath sessions. If you book an outdoor boudoir session, you are responsible to reserve a location where nudity is okay (if you plan to be nude). This can be a nude beach, a private estate or a spa. You can also book a hotel room and I set up my lights and more in the hotel room of your choice!

Couples/ Engagements

I am planning a surprise engagement for my partner, can you be there to photograph the proposal?

Absolutely.  Nothing easier than that. There are a couple of ways we can go about this. My favorite being that we set-up a couples photography  session for you and your partner. By both of you knowing to dress up and expecting a photographer to be there, we can ensure best that you get the images you are hoping for. The surprise proposal will add an extra sweet touch to the session. If you don't want to do it this way and have your own secret plan, please let me know, so I can stake out the location and prepare to make it an unforgettable experience for both of you!

What time of day do you do your photography sessions?

So it's up to you, BUT: I strongly encourage you to plan for a sunrise or sunset shoot, as that is the time of day where you will get the results you expect to see. With that I mean the 1-1.5 hours right around when the sun is supposed to rise or set on that day. Photographers call that the golden hour. As the sun hovers over the horizon line and creates that glowing soft light that just gives every spot that magical look. On an overcast day this is going to be less important, however, by the time you book your session we usually don't know if its going to be sunny or overcast. I will still be able to photograph you in the middle of the day, but it will take careful selection of the location to ensure the same even, beautiful light, that you are used to seeing in my work.

Do you have recommendations on what we should wear to our couples session?

Yes I do! I've actually developed a Style Guide booklet for my clients to help them make wardrobe decisions for their session with me. I will provide you with that Style Guide once you have booked your session.

Can we bring our kid(s) to our couples session?

Depends. And with that I mean it depends on the location, the age of your child, the weather and more. If you have a tiny little baby in a carrier that is going to be sleeping during the session right next to us just outside the frame, then that might work on a mild day. If you have a three year old toddler who wants to run around and explore and we are at the beach, on a rooftop or near any streets, then no. You will not be able to enjoy your session and get the images you want, if you are trying to safe your little one from getting hurt the whole time. I strongly encourage you to find a babysitter for the duration of our shoot, however if that is not an option, please communicate with me, so I can plan accordingly. 

Do we get to choose the location for our couples or engagement session?

Yes you do! I travel for free within a 45min radius of my studio. Outside of that radius I charge extra depending on where exactly you want me to come to. I will even travel internationally to you!


I see a lot of women on your portraiture page. Do you also photograph men?

Yes, I do. I really enjoy capturing female beauty, seniors, expecting mothers, yogis and women who love fitness, but I do photograph men as well and have photographed in the past men's fitness, portraiture and business. Generally I prefer for my husband to be around for those sessions.